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Stages. Stations. Signature shots. A “treasure hunt” to find so- mething old, often antique, something new but sometimes a design piece, something trendy or even something precious... precious is the Time and so is its “sign”.

Time is history and memory, it is experience and discovery. And this is our real core business: time for holidays, relax and wellness, time to spend with ourselves or with people we love.

Four generations of women, with more than 50 years of history and a long vocation to welcoming and hospitality, have built the identity of the AbanoRitz hotel. An unexpected place, expe- rienced, acted or perceived on different levels, where splendor and opulence are translated into confort and intimacy, where the hotel becomes “home”, meaning a place of belonging and cure.



Here the past becomes tradition and the value of it restores as passion for progress: layering of stories, of families and of architectures, living again in every detail, every setting, every gesture of those who receive a waited and wanted guest. The evolution of the concept itself of holiday is written in this hotel, the different architectural and furniture choices carry the signs, sometimes the wounds, of the expectations and the needs of more than half of a century of different tourists.

Liquid life and affordable luxury, millennials or best agers: we do not think about people or feelings as categories, as we do not believe that stars can classify a hotel; there are too many variables and too many variations, just like life itself. And just as it happens in life, we welcome the unexpected and the im- perfection, sure that it will become an incentive to get better and that it will give us that “character” that we proudly propo- se.

Deliberately against the standardization and the recurrent trends, the AbanoRitz hotel wants to be the place of identity and relationships, first of all between people, but also with the territory where it lies and to which is linked.

Time is history and memory,

it is experience and discovery


Born in 1974, architect and professional photographer, he has faced the different fields of communication with enthusiasm and professionalism for more than 12 years. Represented in Italy by Mondadori Portfolio, he is the author of lots of advertising campaigns, of many books about work, design and reportage, and he continuously collaborates to programs of communication of artists and international companies, as photographer and creative consultant. Professor of photogrphic and graphic language at the University of Padua, since 2010 he teaches image product at the University of Ferrara. As the head of the Studio De Sandre, he guides a team of professionists that can successfully manage any project of communication.


The mood at the AbanoRitz hotel is so special. Walking into the spaces of the hotel, of the swimming pool and the park, you can see the signs of the 50 years of hospitality, overlaid in an incredible stratification of time periods, of aesthetic and engeneering culture and of history of design. When the owners asked me to tell the story of this articulate creature, I proposed to leave the usual describing path to let the wonder and the pleasure to trace all the elements that create the daily life of it keeping the history untouched, guide me. Next to the already excellent services offered by the hotel, details like the Nerviano vault of the swimming pool, the clever on-off switch in the rooms, and even the single-use towel rack tell a story of culture, innovative impluse and a sophisticated business soul. All this deserved to be awarded and, honoured to have this task, I hope I got the point.
Giovanni De Sandre


Fragments, objects, architectures, furniture: choices that are content and not only appearance. Giovanni De Sandre’s work, meant to enhance while recomposing, tell while showing, reveals our identity, discovers a common denominator that is more about feelings than style. I would say that De Sandre’s artistic project gives a philological sense to the AbanoRitz hotel; and it makes me think, and I thank him with all my heart for that, makes me think about the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Kintsugi points out the cracks, decorates them and adds value to broken pottery. The practice comes from the idea that from imperfection a bigger aesthetic and internal perfection can arise. When Japanese people fix an object giving value to the rifts, filling them with precious metals or laquers, they weld the fragments supporting the idea that when something shows a wound with a story it becomes more beautiful. Real masterpieces, always different, each with a different story to tell can be created with this technique. THANK YOU!
Ida Poletto



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